are estate agents salespeople?

About 80 percent of real estate licensees are salespeople. Being a salesperson requires much less commitment. However, there is still a perception that organised real estate is purely transactional. And that real estate agents are overpaid salespeople who drive around all day in their BMWs singing "Always Be Closing" in their rear-view mirrors.

Working by referral only limits the number of sales they show in comparison, but it doesn't mean they are not phenomenal real estate agents. No business entity will be granted a business licence unless (i) each managing member of a limited liability company, officer of a corporation, partner within a partnership, or associate within a partnership who is actively engaged in the brokerage business of the company is licensed as a real estate broker; and (ii) each employee or independent contractor acting as a salesperson for such business entity is licensed as a salesperson or real estate broker. Some real estate salespersons work specifically with buyers or sellers, although many work with any type of client. Real estate salespersons are usually self-employed, but must work with a real estate agent and be licensed in the state in which they work.

This is only available for some MLSs and, again, not all real estate agents are part of the Association of Realtors. In addition, many real estate agents operate in very different ways, making comparisons of numbers problematic and uneven. Don't get too carried away with numbers, as they are not always a balanced way of comparing estate agents and are often inaccurate on public websites. If you ask yourself this question, you are probably concerned about the amount of experience an estate agent has.

The average real estate agent sells about 2.8 homes a year, so getting the right information about their track record is EXTREMELY important. No group of individuals consisting of one or more real estate brokers or real estate salespersons, or a combination of them, will act as a real estate team without first obtaining a business entity salesperson license from the Board. Other real estate agents may look at your numbers and report you if they see any inaccuracies, which may cause your real estate agent's licence to be revoked, or ruin your reputation. For example, some agents with the biggest numbers are not actually the ones who make all the sales.

Real estate agents often work on a system called "MLS" to list homes for sale, and this tool can also reveal how many homes have closed. Some also have profiles of agents who are members of the local Association of Realtors, which includes the ability to view an agent's current and past listings.

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