how can i find the most successful real estate agent?

How to find a real estate agentTalk to a lender before hiring a real estate agent, Get referrals from your network, Research potential candidates, Interview at least three real estate agents, Ask for references and check them, Follow your instincts, Look closely at your contract. Become an expert in your market. The celebrity real estate agent, one of the stars of Bravo's hit show "Million Dollar Listings", achieved the sixth highest sale in Los Angeles County last year when this deal closed. In today's real estate landscape, clients expect their agents to deliver personalised experiences.

Real estate agent Ben Caballero named Guinness World Record holder America's number one real estate agent, Ben Caballero of Addison, Texas, has just become the number one real estate agent in the world, according to Guinness World Records. Francisco started in real estate more than 32 years ago and is now one of Coldwell Banker's top agents, according to his biography on his company's website. Before joining the New Jersey real estate ranks, Zaccaro worked in New York City, but decided he didn't want to move while his children were young. If you're a real estate agent (or an investor considering licensing), you've probably wondered how to be a successful real estate agent.

A licensed real estate agent in New York and a veteran of Tishman Speyer's marketing department, Emile has been involved in every aspect of residential real estate, from new branding to pre-war rentals and resales. Not that she was attracted to real estate as a profession, says Nourmand, but every conversation she had with her colleagues seemed to revolve around real estate, so her husband recommended that she get a real estate licence. The most successful real estate professionals are very adept at honesty, especially when it comes to pricing and timing. The most successful real estate professionals know the smallest changes that will increase the saleability of a house.

When he graduated, he moved to the Bay Area and went into real estate, according to his website.

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