is an estate agent a salesperson?

A real estate agent is someone who has a professional licence to help people buy, sell or rent all types of homes and real estate. In Virginia, for example, real estate agents must complete 60 hours of pre-licensing training, while in California they need 135 hours of coursework to become licensed. A real estate agent is anyone who has completed the three courses required for licensing and passed the state exam. This means that they are licensed in real estate.

Real estate agents are also known as real estate salespersons. As a real estate agent, you benefit from flexible working hours and the satisfaction of helping your neighbours find their dream home. Both agents and brokers can be real estate agents, along with property managers, appraisers and other real estate professionals. And once you pass, your score remains valid for one year, giving you time to complete the rest of the application process for your Virginia real estate license.

Once an offer is accepted, agents on both sides usually keep working, helping their clients with paperwork, relaying communications, advising on inspections and moving, and generally guiding the deal through to closing. You have to know what it is like to buy or sell homes, meet with clients, show homes and coordinate closings before you can open your own office and manage other real estate agents. Agents must disclose their representation, so that buyers and sellers are aware of any conflicts of interest. The exact definitions and distinctions between a real estate agent and a real estate broker vary from state to state.

You may have heard people use the terms "real estate agent", "real estate broker" and "real estate broker" interchangeably. Thus, every real estate broker is a real estate agent (or has been one), but not every real estate agent is a broker. To receive an active licence upon application, you must be associated with a licensed real estate company or a sole proprietor. The major benefit of becoming a real estate agent is that educated buyers and sellers choose real estate agents over real estate brokers.

Generally, however, anyone who obtains a basic real estate licence (which involves taking a certain number of accredited courses and passing an exam) can call themselves a real estate agent.

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