what are some of the main responsibilities of a real estate salesperson?

A real estate salesperson, or real estate agent, works with clients to help them buy, sell or rent real estate. They use their in-depth knowledge of the real estate market to help clients find or sell properties, and guide them through the process of finalising purchases or sales. Many real estate salespeople are self-employed and have flexible work schedules and workloads. In a small agency, a salesperson may be directly involved in all aspects of marketing, including writing copy and placing ads.

Larger agencies often employ specialists in some areas. When interviewing the best candidates, there is a mix of common interview questions and others specific to the real estate industry. One of the main functions of a real estate salesperson working for a buyer is to locate the available property that best suits the client's needs. A real estate salesperson working with a buyer is looking for a property, while a real estate salesperson working for a seller is looking for a buyer.

Although each state has different requirements for obtaining a real estate licence, basic qualifications may include a high school diploma and passing a background check. Because real estate agents often know the ins and outs of the real estate market, they can use their expertise to match a buyer with the property that best suits his or her needs and desires. Acting as a voice of reason during the emotional rollercoaster of a real estate transaction, the real estate salesperson holds hands, keeps tempers in check and finds a path to a successful closing. The scope of a real estate salesperson's duties may vary from state to state, as real estate laws vary from state to state.

For example, a real estate sales agent would have to disclose that his or her seller's property has mould, but would not disclose (without the client's permission) that the seller is desperate to sell due to a family emergency or that the seller will accept less than the asking price. The employment of real estate salespeople is highly dependent on the health of the real estate market in a given area. Adapted from Real Estate as a Professional Career, published by the Real Estate Institute of Victoria 2001, and reproduced with permission from REIV. Before interviewing a real estate agent, either by phone or in person, thoroughly review their resume and have it on hand for easy reference.

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