who is the most successful real estate agent?

We wanted to know more about these smart and successful real estate agents, so we searched the MLS listings, contacted real estate professionals and talked to the agents themselves to compile a list of the real estate agents who have made the biggest home sales in the last year. Say what you will about real estate agents who end up doing reality TV, but the truth is that doing so has helped the real estate brand of many of these agents in recent years. Riskin said his mother was fixing up houses and selling them at the time, so Riskin got his real estate license in order to represent the properties his mother was fixing up. Newsweek partnered with REAL Trends - the trusted source of news, analysis and information on the residential brokerage industry since 1987 - to sort the data and provide a list of America's top real estate professionals.

The most successful real estate professionals know the smallest changes that increase a home's saleability. It's changing with the times, he said, adding that the more creative types are buying high-end real estate. Herman bought Prudential Long Island Realty in 1989 and is now president and CEO of Douglas Elliman Real Estate. If you look at the established and rising stars of real estate, you see the benefits of aiming high.

The company has grown its in-house team of real estate professionals while acquiring smaller brands. Under Herman's leadership, Elliman Magazine has transformed into one of the most exciting online real estate and lifestyle publications. Persistence and dedication to the craft of selling property is a necessary trait to become a top real estate producer. According to NAR, the average real estate agent completes 12 expensive residential transactions a year.

Whether you're a new agent just starting out or an experienced broker looking for a boost in your real estate career, you might be inspired to hear about the habits that top-performing agents have adopted. But we wanted to get to know the people behind the big sales, so we focused only on the estate agents we could identify, and spoke to many of them about why they're successful (we've also got their top insider tips here). The celebrity realtor, one of the stars of Bravo's successful Million Dollar Listings programme, achieved the sixth highest sale in Los Angeles County last year when this deal closed. Creating and participating in a real estate support group is a habit that has contributed 100-fold to my personal and professional growth.

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